Business, post-pandemic, is challenging for a variety of industries, but the right audio-visual tech can make things more than a little bit easier. By flashily providing necessary information, serving as entertainment hubs, or simplifying the control of various building fixtures, they can make your care facility easier to inhabit or your business more streamlined and profitable.

Check out Aufderworld’s recommendations for AV installations that can truly make your practice stand out this year.

Commercial DIRECTV Provides Affordable Entertainment

Though streaming services are on the rise in popularity, many businesses that provide housing can’t afford to pay the multiple subscription fees month after month; while those fees may look cheap up-front, they do add up. We further cover the issue of streaming services in our blog.

Even if affordability isn’t a concern, though, there still exists a vast group of facilities that refuse to pay a comparatively large fee if their clientele only enjoys a few shows that are accessible with that particular streaming service.

Enter DIRECTV. With a wide variety of channels and optional access to everyone’s favorite sport—football—your facility’s tenants will never be bored again, and you’ll never need to feel the sting of all those subscription fees. It’s a win-win!

Control Systems: Invest in Seamlessness

If you run a business full of hustle-and-bustle like a sports bar, you know logistical efficiency is paramount. You’d be surprised, though, at how much simple things like dimming the lights or changing television channels can impact this, especially if the remote happens to get lost in the shuffle, as it so often does.

With a control system from Aufderworld, your workers can manage a variety of your building’s features in one place, such as:

●        Lighting

●        Audio

●        Televisions

●        And more!

Simplify your staff’s workday with a commercial control system; they’ll thank you, and the gratitude will show up in improved customer service.

Digital Signage: Give Your Facility Some Functional Razzle-Dazzle

Is your staff exasperated because tenants keep asking for information that’s been posted on the apartment billboard for years? Perhaps you just need to make that information brighter—literally speaking.

Digital signage provides illuminated, eye-catching information on everything from directions to the weather, updating passersby on whatever they need to know to make the most out of their time with your business. Redundant questions or confused guests will become a thing of the past, so enjoy your newfound productivity.

Expand Your Customer Reach With Commercial Hearing Loops

These days, inclusivity is all the rage in businesses everywhere. It’s becoming more and more expected that companies do their part to open their services to as many people as possible—and this is a great thing, seeing as it can significantly boost your profits.

One way you can take advantage of this trend and offer better service to the hearing-impaired is with the use of hearing loops. We discuss them in detail in our blog on the subject. For practical purposes, though, know that they can directly transfer sound to a client’s hearing aid. This gives them better quality audio and, thus, a better quality experience overall.

Video Walls: For the Big and Bold

While digital walls functionally display information, video walls can do it with a bang. They’re more than a few commercial televisions meshed together—though that’s what they may look like when turned off. They act as a single, gigantic screen, allowing you to revolutionize the ambiance of a given space with a massive moving picture or glowing graphics. They can also be used similarly to digital signage: to portray information.

Should I Use a Video Wall or Digital Signage?

They’re two similar audio / visual upgrades, but they have two incredibly different functions. While video wall systems are undoubtedly dazzling, bigger isn’t always better; sometimes, digital signage is the smarter, more practical option. The best way to stand out this year is, of course, to use both appropriately—but while that sounds easy in text, it can get a little trickier when the rubber meets the road.

Our advice as an audio-visual company: consider the purpose of the given piece of equipment. Video walls have more aesthetic potential, while digital signage focuses more on functionality. The former can work as the latter in a pinch, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Aufderworld Has All the Tech You Need to Make 2022 Your Year

All that stuff we talked about above? That’s merely the beginning of what we offer! Leap into the technological future today with AV installation from Aufderworld; give our Minneapolis office a call at 763-233-7700.