Videos and walls don’t really seem to go together, do they? One conveys pertinent information, generally in the form of amusing or otherwise encapsulating images, and the other is, well, a wall. But when you put the two terms together and end up with a video wall, you get an innovative, attention-demanding device that is sure to boost your business in one way or another.


But just what is a video wall, anyway? Can you simply project a video on a wall and call it a day? Not quite. Aufderworld, a Minneapolis team of audio/visual consultants and A/V installation experts, explains this term below, as well as details the various industries that may benefit from embracing this technology.

Video Walls: Billboards But Indoors

A video wall does bear some resemblance to a singular video projected onto a flat wall. However, video walls are made up of individual screens put so close together that they can function as a singular unit—or separately! LED video walls hold the advantage of being bright and attention-grabbing, like a mini indoor streetside billboard. Use them to display company information, directions, events, advertising, or even pleasing images. The practical and aesthetic functions of these devices are nearly endless.


Industries that can take advantage of this versatile technology include:


●        The hospitality industry | Do you need to provide directions for incoming guests? Do you need to tell convention-goers where their next oh-so-anticipated panel will be? Look no further than video walls to convey any sort of logistical information you please.


●        The bar and restaurant industry | Need a massive set of screens for the playoff game your patrons just can’t miss? What if they’ve got four separate teams playing at once? In both cases, it’s video walls to the rescue. By playing one game or multiple across all four screens, your bar or restaurant will quickly render itself a hotspot for patrons looking for dinner and a show—or many shows!


●        Any industry that sees a pertinent need | Like we said: this technology is versatile. If you can dream up a use for it, chances are, a video wall can tackle it. That’s only if it’s installed by competent installers, of course, as a dead screen renders the device far less functional.

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