There's nothing better than getting in the middle of the action with your favorite team. Whether you are a bar owner or at home, when it comes to watching your favorite game, you need the best coverage available

DIRECTV and ESPN+ are notorious for great coverage, so let's take a look at what they offer in our comprehensive guide below.

Costs & Fees

ESPN+ is less expensive than DIRECTV and starts at around $11 a month. 

However, it's limited to only what's available on the channel and is notorious for having hidden fees that subscribers may not be aware of when signing up. 

DIRECTV starts at $74.99 a month, but keep in mind it is an all-encompassing viewing option and offers far more than just sports. 

This makes it an ideal choice for businesses or households that want to watch a combination of shows, movies, and sports programming.

Sports Channels

ESPN+ comes with sports documentaries, talk studio shows, live sports, La Liga and EFL championships, and college sports, including basketball, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, hockey, and many more. 

It also boasts UFC access and some original programming like Sports Nation and Peyton's Places as alternative viewing options.

DIRECTV has one of the best lineups for channels including sports and includes major channels like NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC. 

On top of that, it stands out as a leader with sports options, including over 40 channels that include regional sports networks like the MLB and NHL, NBA TV, college sports, ESPNU, SEC Network, truTV, the Outdoor Channel, and Tennis Channel.

Special Features or Add-Ons

ESPN+ offers on-demand access to exclusive sports analysis, original docuseries, and live streaming for select games, and most of the content streams up to 1080P full HD but does not support 4K resolution.

On the other hand, DIRECTV has 4K ultra-high definition streaming, comes with the Genie DVR system, offers integrated voice remote power with Google Assistant, and offers fantastic deals for new customers.

Never Miss Out On Game Day with the Aufderworld Pros

The difference between the two is clear and comes down to viewing preferences. DIRECTV has over 150 channels and over 40 sports networks, making it the optimal entertainment package for everyone.

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