Healthcare facilities have a reputation for being high-tech. After all, healing the sick and saving lives requires its fair share of the stuff.

But aside from actual medical applications, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can also benefit from audio-visual upgrades. Check out our blog, Why Hospital Television Systems Matter, to learn more.

And if you’re ready to renovate, we’re the audio-visual company for the job!

Aufderworld, your Minneapolis provider of health center A/V installation services, is here to discuss the top tech to help your medical facility stand out.

Video Walls

More than a bunch of commercial televisions meshed together, video walls can be used to create a soothing ambiance in a lobby space.

Even if it isn’t urgent, waiting for care is stressful. Patients will benefit from calming graphics and the substantial soothing presence of a massive video wall system.

Furthermore, such an installation can also help your triage team effectively manage patients.

When the latter remains calm and orderly in the lobby, the former can do their job more efficiently, resulting in lower employee stress rates and higher client satisfaction.

Digital Signage

Many medical buildings can be challenging to navigate for visitors. With their relatively uniform appearance and substantial size, clients' families can find it hard to orient themselves.

Visitors getting lost inside a hospital building creates a headache for your staff and wastes valuable time that the visitor could spend with their ill loved one. Luckily, digital signage can make wandering civilians a thing of the past.

By brightly displaying important information in a format that’s hard to miss and easy to navigate, digital signage can efficiently corral visitors and show them the way to where they need to be.

CCTV Systems

Hospital security is never something to take lightly; your staff probably already have their work cut out for them in this respect.

A high-tech CCTV installation can make their jobs all the easier and result in more secure premises and happier staff.

For more information on what great CCTV can do for any business, not just hospitals, check out 5 Innovative Ways to Use CCTV. You’ll discover that this tech does much more than just boost security!

Automated Control Systems

Healthcare facilities need as much simplicity as possible, so having one location manage and control every aspect of your audio and video needs creates a more streamlined process.

An automated system means less outside worry about organizing electronics and offers the convenience of using handheld devices to alter and manage amenities instantly, including:

●        CCTV systems

●        Automated lighting

●        Temperature control

●        Audio and video sources

●        DIRECTV

Sound Masking Systems

The purpose of sound masking is not to create a large disruption in the environment but instead a subtle background distraction.

The masking system uses controllers, sensors, and speakers to adjust the room's acoustics, creating a white noise that radiates through the area.

The system also blocks out excess noise, helping keep your staff more productive and fostering more patient comfort, where sensitive or private information may be discussed openly.

Aufderworld: Modern A/V Tech for Modern Needs

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