CCTV is an invaluable security tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As we covered in our audio / visual blog “What’s CCTV and How Can it Help Your Business?” they’re simple to use and, thanks to their comprehensive view of your facility, they help keep a handle on crime like few other security systems can. As a bonus, CCTV’s functionality isn’t limited to security; check out our blog “Three Innovative Ways to Use CCTV” to get the scoop on the tech’s full functionality!

When your CCTV goes down, though, it can feel as though you’ve lost one of your business’s “limbs,” so to speak—but it’s Aufderworld to the rescue. Below, we’ll dive into a few common CCTV problems and their simple fixes.


When looking into your CCTV camera, does it feel as though you’re staring into the sun? You’ve probably had it installed far too closely to a light source. Even the reflection of such a light source can prove problematic in the right situation! This isn’t just irritating—it’s a security compromise, too, as it makes your CCTV next to nonfunctional in that particular location.

The fix for this is a mechanical one. Either you move your light to avoid exposure or reflection or re-angle your security camera. If you’re stumped on how to do either, a CCTV cameras installation pro can help you troubleshoot.

Alarming When no Threat Is Present

This probably takes the cake for the most irritating CCTV issue. Rest assured, though, that your space isn’t haunted; your CCTV camera system most likely is simply suffering from poor maintenance. Indeed, a lack of upkeep, just like with any piece of tech, can and will cause a finicky system, but it’s not the only culprit.

Misadjusted sensitivity settings can also make your CCTV camera systems alarm at nonexistent threats. Many cameras require different calibrations for day and nighttime use due to the lack of light in the latter, so be sure to adjust them accordingly.

Camera Failing to Record

A camera that picks up motion but fails to archive the footage for viewing—or fails to pick up motion altogether—is almost as good as a useless one. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can have a variety of causes and is thus best attended to by a commercial security camera system pro. It could be something as simple as a loose cable or as complicated as a necessary recalibration of your motion settings.

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