Whether you’re a sports bar, government facility, or hotel, you rely on your commercial television installations to keep your guests entertained and informed—plus to create a relaxing and fulfilling patron experience. So when your TVs go on the fritz, it can be more than a little frustrating!

Aufderworld, your team of Minneapolis A/V consultants, is always at the ready to help with all of your commercial tech needs. While you may be perfectly happy to call us any time something goes wrong, it’s always a good idea to check for simple human error or other easy-to-fix technical difficulties on your own—a few of which we’ll detail below.

Mismatched Input

Just like residential TVs, commercial television installations come with various features—cable, occasional internet connection, you name it. There are thus quite a few cords that can connect to your commercial TV, and thus quite a few settings you can switch it to to access its various display modes and connections. These are called inputs.

If your television is on the wrong input mode, it will fail to display the content you want. If you see a phrase that amounts to “no input detected,” use your remote control to flip through the various inputs until the connection you want is displayed.

The nice thing about remedying this problem is that you essentially can’t go wrong; even if you miss the desired mode, you’ll eventually come back around to it if you just keep pressing the same button. After all, even the most advanced A/V installations can only have so many cords and connections!

Sound Not Playing

Nothing ruins a big sports game more quickly than a lack of audio! First and foremost, check to make sure nothing is unplugged; you’d be surprised how often an accidental knock can lead to audio visual disaster.

If the television’s settings have been messed with, you may need to go into sound settings and make sure that the commercial television is correctly “matched” with its corresponding audio device.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

If you’ve got streaming services, a solid Wi-Fi connection for your commercial TV is a must. So what do you do when things go wrong?

For starters, simply giving the TV and network a hard restart may do the trick. If it still fails to connect, you may consider proximity problems, compatibility issues, or even that you may have simply mistyped the password.

Poor Display

Poor picture quality is a problem that plagues a ton of televisions—not just commercial ones. Unfortunately, it can have a variety of causes run the gamut from fixable in a jiffy to absolutely non-repairable.

A point of impact with spider-web-like cracks that radiate out from it is a sign of physical screen damage. Gadget Review states that sometimes you can have these repaired if it’s just the glass—the top layer—that’s broken, or if the damage isn’t too extensive beyond that. Severe issues, though, often require intensive work on the part of your audio visual consultant, and at that point it’s oftentimes more affordable to replace the television as a whole. Every case, though, is individualistic, so make sure to consult with your audio visual professional about your options.

Sometimes, simply turning the device off and on again will work. Lifewire recommends you also turn off and on any connected inputs for the best results. The site also advises that you check the physical status of any cables for damage, as modern designs can be a tad more fragile than their predecessors.

Signal Strength Issues

If you’re on satellite, sometimes even the weather can mess with your signal strength and give you reception issues. While there isn’t a way, per se, to see if this is the case on your own, it’s generally a safe bet that if there’s a storm above, it’s scrambling things up below.

The only thing to do in this case would be to wait the weather out—or to invest in a better provider of commercial television service, such as commercial DIRECTV. As we covered on our A/V consultant blog, we’d be happy to help, and the benefits are bigger than simply fixing your signal.

Just like many of the aforementioned issues, too, physical cable problems can also cause your signal strength to falter. An audio / visual pro can examine your television’s hardware and get to the root of the problem, providing replacement if necessary.

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