You probably love your business’s faithful old televisions. An integral part of your audio visual system, they’re reliable employees that are always there to entertain customers when an inevitable waiting time or awkward pause in the middle of dinner conversation comes.

Indeed, all businesses can benefit from TVs, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated as an afterthought by yours. While they may not need mechanical “tune ups,” there’s plenty of simple “maintenance” tasks you and your staff can do to prolong the life of your TV. Aufderworld, your commercial TV installation pros, is here with just a few.

So let’s dive in!

Turn Them Off When Not in Use

We know, we know, it sounds obvious—but when your staff is running amok trying to close up shop for the night, remembering the televisions is sometimes the last thing on their list.

Even if you’re the owner of twenty sports bar TVs and an audio system to boot, turning off those twenty TVs can do wonders for prolonging their lifespan. All devices, televisions included, have a limited number of usage hours, and you want to save those hours for when  you need them, after all!

Mind Your Ventilation

Just like any other electronic device, televisions generate heat. And while many these days come with technology that helps manage it, aiding your televisions in “breathing,” so to speak, can help save them from the detrimental effects of their own hot temperatures.

This means de-cluttering around them and keeping anything that could obscure ventilation areas, such as banners, far away. People will want to focus on your television’s awesome picture, anyway—save the cool decor for the bare walls!

Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

Outdoor televisions are great in hotels and sports bars, where they enable patrons to take in the fresh air. Those same patrons can head inside in a sudden downpour, but your televisions aren’t so lucky!

TVs that do their entertaining outdoors require special care, like weatherproof outlets, an outdoor TV cover, and placement near some shelter from the elements. You’ll also need to care for your cords so fluctuating outdoor humidity levels don’t cause corrosion.

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