We all love to kick back with our favorite television show after a long day’s work, but for your business, TVs do a lot more than let your customers take a load off. They entertain, inform, and in some cases can be part of your facility’s primary attraction.

Because they’re so significant, when putting up televisions with the help of your audio visual consultants, you have to consider a lot more than simply the amount you’re purchasing. There is such a thing as too many or too few televisions, but how they’re placed has just as big an impact on your guests’ opinions of your business as the number.

So where’s the best spot to put your new TVs to maximise their beneficial effects?

A Good Rule of Thumb: Avoid the Awkward Silences

If you can imagine your guests, attendees, or clients frequently encountering strained pauses in their conversations in a given space, chances are that that space could use a television. Lapses in interaction usually mean there’s nothing to do or talk about in that given part of your facility—hence the need for entertainment.

While what those spaces are will vary depending on your industry, they can include

●        Dining areas

●        Hallways

●        Lobbies

●        Queues

With the proper use of commercial televisions, you can make your facility a place where good times are aplenty and friendships come easy. And when you get commercial DIRECTV on top of that, you can hand-pick from a variety of channels what best can make that happen for your business.

For Informational Purposes, Place Them Near Administrative Staff

The front desk is the first place curious customers will go for answers. If your staff are bogged down with answering too many redundant questions, proper commercial TV installation can help take some of the load off. A video wall, though, can operate in much the same vein and do so with more pizazz, glamour, and attention-grabbing prowess.

Of course, you can also ponder spreading televisions throughout your building for this purpose, so clients are never left without the information they need.

Aufderworld: Your Preferred A/V Pros

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