Perhaps you don’t delve down into the “reviews” section of a company’s page too often, fearing what you’ll find there. On the other hand, perhaps you readily read such pages, eager to see what the public has to say about the newest business in town. Either way, one thing is inarguable: reviews about seemingly countless companies exist, and they remain a controversial source of information when it comes to the quality of companies.

When it comes to A/V installation, though, reviews are crucial to consult before investing in any team of audio/visual consultants. Though we aren’t saying you should pick your audio/visual company on reviews alone, you should still give them a perusal before reaching out to a given provider of commercial A/V systems. They give you unique insight as to how that company functions.

Discover What Reviews Tell you that Company Websites Cannot

Reviews are from real customers. Company websites are made by companies themselves. While both together give you a good idea of the quality of a given company, reviews speak about actual things the company has done to help their customers. While that company may speak of its great service policies on its website (and they may be stating the absolute truth), reviews confirm that these policies are being put into place and followed. They’re the final sign that indicates a company follows through on its mission to provide top-notch service.

More specifically, reviews can tell you:

●        How friendly the company is | People skills are important in many fields, especially when it comes to A/V installation—it is a service, after all! Reviews that speak of friendly teams and cheerful service let you know that the company you have your eyes on is both amicable and client-focused.

●        If you’re likely to run into hidden fees | Those are nasty surprises absolutely nobody likes to be saddled with. Unfortunately, these fees have become the norm in many industries, so look for an A/V installer that has reviews explicitly talking about open communication and good pricing.

●        How professional the employees are | Real-life experiences with a company’s workers lets you see what other people just like you experienced while working with them. Did the employees provide great customer service? Did they hold to their purported morals? Reviews can tell you that and more.

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