Your business, be it a bar, a hospital, or a multi-housing unit, has decided to overhaul your current audio/visual system. We at Aufderworld commend you on a smart investment! In today’s increasingly digital environment, and with the unsteady state of global affairs, keeping customers both informed and entertained is critical—not only to their welfare but also to your profit margins. As the Coronavirus places strain on businesses across the state, those businesses must pull out all the stops to come out on top. The more amenities you can use to attract patrons, the better.

That aside, you’re now in the process of seeking out an audio/visual company to do the applicable installation work, as well as perhaps one to get commercial DIRECTV set up, should that be a point of action for you. Needless to say, this process isn’t easy! Countless audio/visual consultants are clamoring for your attention. As a strapped-for-time business executive, how are you to find the right audio visual company for you?

Aufderworld, as Minneapolis A/V installation experts, is here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few characteristics that are imperative in any A/V consultant, regardless of the industry which they serve.

Technical Knowledge is Only Part of the Equation

Your consultant should have in-depth knowledge of the systems and services they provide; anything else and you need to kick them to the curb. Of course, we’re all human, and nobody can memorize every last detail one might need to know on the job, but the service you hire should portray an air of general competence. Trust your gut on this one!

But that’s only part of what makes a good A/V installer.

●        They must have people skills | Part of the job is, indeed, being a consultant—in other words, working together with the client to create an A/V solution that works for them. If your A/V installer refuses to listen to your point of view or renders it irrelevant for no good reason, then they’re not a good fit.

●        They must communicate clearly | This is a large investment on your part; you should be absolutely sure about what you’re buying, and it’s primarily your A/V installer’s job to make this so.

●        They must commit fully to serving you | A/V installation is, of course, a service; great service requires constantly attending to the customer’s needs.

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