So your business — be it a bar, a hospital, or a multi-housing unit — has decided to overhaul the current audio-visual system? Our team at Aufderworld commends you on a smart investment! 

In today's increasingly digital environment, keeping customers informed and entertained is critical to their interests and well-being and your profit margins. 

The more amenities you can use to attract patrons, the better. You'll probably need to seek an audio-visual company to do the installation work and perhaps to set up commercial DIRECTV. 

Once you do a Google search, you'll find countless A/V consultants clamoring for your attention. As Minneapolis A/V installation experts, we'd love for you to click on our website, of course.

And we're willing to work for it!

Let us offer you a guide to hiring the right A/V installer for your needs, regardless of your industry.

Technical Knowledge Is Only Part of the Equation

Your A/V consultant should have in-depth knowledge of the systems and services they provide. Anything else, and you need to kick them to the curb. 

Of course, we're all human, and nobody can memorize every last detail one might need to know on the job. But the service you hire should portray an air of general competence. Trust your gut on this one!

Still, that's only part of what makes a good A/V installer.

People Skills

Part of the job is being a consultant. In other words, your A/V installer must work with the client to create an A/V solution that works for them. This may include recommending products the client didn’t know were available, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and finding unique placements for equipment so the client can have what they want. 

If your A/V installer refuses to listen to your point of view or renders it irrelevant for no good reason, they're not a good fit.

Clear Communication 

This is a large investment on your part; you should be absolutely sure about what you're buying, and it's primarily your A/V installer's job to make this so. Your A/V installer must actively understand what is important to the client because this will help you build a good relationship for future experiences.  

Committed to Service

A/V installation is a service. Great service requires consistently attending to the customer's needs, helping them make informed decisions, and providing exceptional products and services they can depend on.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is crucial in the industry because installation and A/V designs are complex. A/V installers are required to not only visualize the problem but create a viable solution and be able to follow up with troubleshooting any problems that arise. 

If your A/V installer isn’t capable of meeting these standards, it’s time to move on and work with one who does. 

Discover What Reviews Tell You That Company Websites Cannot

Reviews are from real customers. Company websites are made by the companies themselves. While both together give you a good idea of the quality of a given company, reviews speak about actual things the company has done to help its customers. 

While that company may speak of its great service policies on its website — and they may be stating the absolute truth — reviews confirm that these policies are being implemented and followed. They're the final sign that indicates a company follows through on its mission to provide top-notch service.

Reviews can tell you things about the company's culture and business practices that websites cannot!

How Friendly the Company Is

People skills are important in many fields, especially when it comes to A/V installation — it is a service, after all! Reviews that speak of friendly teams and cheerful service let you know that the company you have eyes on is amicable and client-focused.

If You're Likely to Run Into Hidden Fees

Those are nasty surprises nobody likes to be saddled with. Unfortunately, these fees have become the norm in many industries, so look for an A/V installer with reviews explicitly discussing open communication and good pricing.

How Professional the Employees Are

Real-life experiences with a company's workers let you see what others, like you, experienced while working with them. Did the employees provide great customer service? Did they hold to their purported morals? Reviews can tell you that and more.

How the Products or Services Perform

Reviews allow clients and customers to give feedback on how the products or their buying experience went. It can let you know how certain products perform so you can better gauge if it's going to be something that will work for your needs, and the review may bring awareness about other useful products the company carries.

Why Choose Aufderworld to Update Your Business A/V System?

Getting the most advanced technological A/V system is just one part of keeping your business streamlined, and we specialize in home and commercial installs. Our team knows that each client's needs will vary, so we will work with you from start to finish to ensure a precise and efficient process. 

Check out our website (it's comprehensive) and our reviews (they're sterling). You'll see that we strive to embody what makes a great audio/visual company. If you're ready to partner with some of the best in the business, get in touch with our Minneapolis office! 

Contact Aufderworld for High-Quality A/V Installation

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