Running a bar or restaurant is an exact science. You have to keep up with all the latest trends, have quality service, provide the best in entertainment, and forge a relationship with customers so they continue to come back. Though we can’t help you provide quality service and forge relationships with your customers, we can help you provide the best in entertainment and keep up with the latest technological trends. Here, our experts at Aufderworld will discuss the custom entertainment systems we can install to help you increase revenue at your business.

DirecTV Capabilities

At Aufderworld, we are the area’s leading DirecTV provider. We offer the best packages and customize them specifically for your place of business. With our plans, you can get the best in sports, news, and entertainment channels. Additionally, we can design your system so each TV in your business is connected to a centralized box that hosts your channels, but they can each play a separate station. This allows for the ultimate fan environment. Every big game can be displayed at once, pleasing fans from every fanbase.


In addition to supporting multiple different channels at once, DirecTV also offers NFL Sunday Ticket in many different packages. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can stream a variety of different games, which gives you an all-encompassing experience. Recent studies have shown that businesses who offer this feature increase traffic and revenue on game days.

Sound Systems

In addition to providing the best DirecTV packages on the market, we can also install state-of-the-art sound systems for your restaurant or bar. With a proper sound system, you can create an unbeatable atmosphere within your place of business. By having an elite audio system, you can compete in a busy area and bring in just as many customers as your competitors.


Both of these systems can also be designed so they are controlled from one, centralized location. We can make it so you can control your systems on a wall mount, phone or tablet, or a computer.

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If you are looking for a commercial entertainment system designed specifically for your needs, contact Aufderworld today. With our variety of products and expert team dedicated to helping you, we will get you the system you need at a reasonable price. For more information or to request a quote today, give us a call at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.