At Aufderworld Corporation, our technicians have been custom-installing audio/visual systems for our customers since 1983. In addition to our primary services, such as DIRECTV installation, media and theater room installation, CCTV installation, and more, we also offer our own, unique service. This service, Aufderworld’s MyChannel, is designed to help you better communicate with your guests and tenants by clearly displaying prevalent information throughout your place of business. Here, our team of technicians will discuss why MyChannel would be a great investment for your corporate business.

What is Aufderworld’s MyChannel?

After operating our business for several years, our team at Aufderworld saw a need for customizable information channels in various businesses. For that reason, we developed MyChannel. MyChannel is a service we offer that allows you and the rest of our customers to create a presentation to be broadcast throughout your facility. The presentation you create using MyChannel can be easily changed at any time, which allows you to continually update your clients to the various happenings at your business.


Some of the benefits of Aufderworld’s MyChannel include:

●        Increased revenue

●        Extended marketing and branding

●        Improved customer awareness and engagement

●        Enhanced operating efficiency


To learn more about the surface-level benefits of MyChannel, contact Aufderworld Corporation today.

How Does MyChannel Work?

MyChannel is essentially an informational channel that you can have displayed throughout screens at your facility. If you operate a hotel or resort or even a senior living facility, we can add MyChannel as an additional feature of the TV package your facility has. This way, you can ensure that every resident or guest has access to this service by tuning into a universal channel. Additionally, MyChannel can be preprogrammed, so you don’t have to constantly update it. Here are some of the additional features of this product:

●        Ability to manage different media. You can upload a variety of different media types to your presentation, such as images, videos, PowerPoint pages, YouTube videos, and more.

●        Ability to add widgets. Some of the widgets you can add to your presentation include clocks, different texts, weather updates and forecasts, and more.

●        Ability to incorporate day-to-day scheduled presentations. With this feature, you can set up your program similar to the way you would design a PowerPoint presentation. You get to choose the duration of each slide or page, as well as the transitions between the pages and the schedule the pages are on. Our easy-to-use program allows you to schedule certain pages to be displayed on certain days.

●        Ability to create a variety of slides. In addition to the above features, you don’t have to create every slide, page, and feature from scratch. Our program allows you to drag and drop specific content into the pages before rearranging it to meet your vision.

●        Ability to have more than one person using the program. We have designed MyChannel to allow for multiple users. If you have more than one office for your business, MyChannel can be accessed and customized specifically for each of your company’s offices and needs.


When you choose to have MyChannel installed at your commercial business, we sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need from this tool. From there, we will custom design and program the product for you.

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