If you’re lucky enough to have a stellar commercial A/V system, you no doubt know that your business has a powerful customer-pleasing tool at its disposal. From the latest news to the latest bops, you can funnel pure enjoyment into your clientele’s eardrums and keep them coming back to your facility for more.

Of course, if you’ve ever taken a road trip, you’ll know that finding audio that everyone can agree on is easier said than done, so how are you to do that for your large and varied crowd of customers?

Aufderworld, your Minneapolis provider of commercial DIRECTV and A/V installation services, has you covered with the tips below.

Consider Your Primary Demographic

It’s impossible to please everyone, but you can please most people if you know what that group tends to like. Music and audio tastes are individualistic, but do your best to generalize and figure out what not to play.

And while you may not have an accurate report of every single part of each customer’s identity, a cursory look at other establishments can tell you quite a bit about what type of person frequents it.

Take Your Location Into Consideration

In addition to assessing your primary demographics, it’s important to consider your company’s location regarding what kind of audio content your business should be playing over its audio system.

For starters, who are your neighbors? Do you operate within a highly residential area, or are you surrounded by other businesses?

If you’re located in a more residential area, then you’ll probably want to consider more easy-listening varieties of music or audio content compared to being located in areas of higher foot traffic or industrial noise.

Any location where traffic sounds are more apparent will probably be better off exploring more engaging, lively audio content, which will help combat the background noise of a major metropolitan setting.

Should I Play Commercial Television Audio?

If your business has commercial televisions, you may be tempted to simply air whatever happens over the audio system. In many situations, this can be advantageous, like when the big game is on, your customers will want to hear what’s going on!

However, if your business is both in close quarters and tends to serve as a space of conversation—as is the case in many sports bars—it may be helpful to simply air a playlist of background tunes and use closed captioning on the TVs so you don’t leave customers straining to hear.

Adjust your usage method accordingly depending on the context to get the most out of your commercial TV installation and audio system.

To Play Music, or Not to Play Music?

Businesses must decide whether to play music over their commercial audio system. To determine whether background music is best for accompanying the acoustics of your business, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether music would be interpreted as complementary or a distraction to your preferred customer.

If you’re frequently working with elderly customers or anyone who could be considered hard of hearing, then obviously, it’s not in your best interest to have music interfering with your interactions with clients.

But if your workplace setting is naturally noisy or casual, playing music can help maintain a vibrant, lively atmosphere that can also come across as complementary white noise to customers, especially in more industrial settings.

Fit the Vibes Together

Of course, you probably are aware of the inappropriate audio types or genres to play in your business; hard rock, for example, probably isn’t the best to play in a government waiting room!

Your goal is to find the music or other audio that makes your business feel like it’s at its best—you’ll know it when you hear it.

Don’t be afraid to put on a few different test tracks during the off hours. Gauge how you feel, even with no customers there. Does it speak to the vision of what you hope your business to be?

Conduct a Trial & Error Process

Ultimately, the easiest way to determine what type of audio content best suits your workplace or facility is to try different styles or genres over time and see what works best!

If you constantly have to talk over loud music or have a hard time hearing customers over the phone, then perhaps it’s time to switch to something more subtle, like a podcast.

If you’re finding your audio choices are proving to be too stiff, tranquilizing, or flat-out monotonous, by all means, spruce up the atmosphere with something more active or engaging.

Just be sure to settle on content that best utilizes the specific audio setup and equipment you’ve installed so you’re optimizing your brand new AV installation

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