When the holidays roll around, sleigh bells and cash registers alike begin to ring. From restaurants that serve as an oasis for the tired shopper to hotels and resorts that host annual family get-togethers, this time of year can certainly draw in a crowd. Your staff and services need to be top-notch if you want to make the most of it—and this includes your audio visual systems.

Whatever your ambitions are, making the most of this holiday rush with the right audio visual installation is a wonderful place to start. Learn more about how specific technologies can help you succeed below, courtesy of Aufderworld, your Minneapolis team of versatile audio visual consultants.

Why Should You Assess Your Business’s Audio Visual Technology?

From video wall systems to digital signage, incorporating technology in your holiday display sets your business apart. Whether you are planning a holiday display or thinking ahead into the new year, technology can truly move your business forward. Even less flashy audio visual technologies like sound masking can give you the boost you need to be the best in your community on a larger scale.

Account for Customization

Not all technological solutions are created equal. In fact, they shouldn’t be because every business, despite location or industry, is different. When you call in a professional to assess your business’s technology, they will want to understand your goals, vision, company culture, and other company-specific information in order to customize a system that meets all your targets.

Define Your Business First, Technology Second

As stated, customization is a critical part of the first steps in business technology assessment. You work with a team of A/V professionals to help them understand what your business and your customers mean to you. Your business comes before technology, and thus, its technology should be made in that image.

Mind the Change

When your business is behind its competitors technology-wise, you can tell. It is enough to make you rush through an A/V assessment and simply ask for the best and brightest. However, customization aside, there is no reason to burst forth and get newer, shinier things to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. Take things slow and find the right technology for your goals and objectives. Your customers will appreciate it.

How Aufderworld Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Let’s face it: this time of year is when businesses everywhere step it up. It feels like a competition to show who has the most holiday spirit with bright lights, music pumped through the air, and cheery displays. After all, customers have plenty of options - you need to give them a reason to choose your business or shop.

The business technology professionals at Aufderworld can help your business outshine the competition this year and make the most of the increased potential for customers.

Digital Signage

It’s not often that we see videos at eye-level when walking around, nor digital holiday itinerary displays. Use this novelty to spread a bit of holiday cheer among your patrons and foster good vibes about your business. Whether you have a hotel and resort or need something bright for your small company, enhancing a business with digital signage is fast, efficient, and eye-catching.

TV Installation

Customize the televisions around your business, from commercial buildings to hotels, and bring holiday cheer to every customer. Play holiday music, films, or use customized commercial television services with Aufderworld to reach customers where they are most comfortable.

LED Video Wall Systems

Spread your business’s holiday cheer with commercial LED video walls. At Aufderworld, we are able to equip your business with a video wall composed of multiple different screens to instantly share images, information, advertisements, and holiday event announcements. LED video wall systems are easy to control, easy to customize, and we will set you up where your customers need cheer the most.

Contact Aufderworld for Awesome Audio Visual Technologies

From digital signage to LED video walls, the team with Aufderworld does it all, with efficiency and a smile. From eye-catching holiday displays to helping your business plan for the future of technology, we want to help you achieve your long-term business goals. Give the Aufderworld Minneapolis office a call today at 763-233-7700 to get started.