Do you own or operate a large hotel or resort? Are you looking for a piece of equipment that takes up very little space and gives you access to state-of-the-art features? If so, you should consider investing in DIRECTV’s COM3000 equipment. This newer piece of equipment supports hundreds of channels, can be remotely controlled, and more. COM3000 is an easy way to attract new customers and appease your returning customers. Here, our audio/visual design and installation team at Aufderworld will discuss the benefits of DIRECTV’s COM3000 and why you should consider investing in it for your hotel or resort.

What Is COM3000?

As an industry leader, DIRECTV is constantly innovating new and improved equipment to give customers the tools they need to be happy. Essentially, COM3000 is a newer product that allows you to access hundreds of HD channels, which includes sports channels, on a small device. This device is typically used in hotels and resorts because there is one service provider across the building, instead of several different service providers like there are in apartment buildings. With our DIRECTV for hospitality services, we can design your system, so each room has access to the DIRECTV system your business is paying for. There will be one centralized box in your hotel, resort, or other business that distributes the signal to each applicable room. From there, your customers can control what they want to watch in their own room.


When you add COM3000 to your DIRECTV package, you give your customers and guests access to even more. COM3000 supports 4K HDR, hundreds of HD channels, and much more. If your guests have access to more amenities, they may enjoy their stay with you even more, which could be good for your business. Additionally, you can control your COM3000 system remotely. To learn more about the ins and outs of COM3000, visit this page

So Why Invest In COM3000?

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, there are several more that make COM3000 a great choice for any hotel or resort. For one thing, COM3000 is a tiny piece of equipment that uses less energy and resources than previous tools, which makes it environmentally friendly. Setting up COM3000 is also easier than almost any other system. Because of how it is designed, it can be easily wired into your current system. Additionally, there does not need to be a box or receiver in every single room, which saves on installation costs. To learn more about the benefits of COM3000 for your hotel or resort, contact Aufderworld today.

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