Why Aufderworld?

Bulk TV Programming Company



Why it Works – The 8 step Process

  • 1The Consultation
    Aufderworld’s experienced consultants strive to learn all they can of a prospective client’s objectives, their community, their challenges, their issues, their building(s), their environment, their residents/guests/patrons, and their needs.  A complete evaluation is assessed prior to lending advice and/or suggesting solutions.
  • 2The Design and Engineering
    Information acquired through thoughtful consultation and research is shared with the Aufderworld design team. A strong background in varied audio/video/satellite technologies, product knowledge, and different markets is applied to develop a system specific to a client’s circumstance. If you can dream it, Aufderworld can build it!
  • 3The Proposal and Quote
    A quote is generated including an itemized equipment list, a Bill of Materials and a Scope of Work with a Project Management Plan. The highest quality equipment for the application will be proposed. Aufderworld privately labels (AWC) much of the equipment.“All products must exceed Aufderworld’s specifications and dependability requirements before the AWC label goes on.”Aufderworld Corporation’s direct volume purchase power with manufacturers assures maximum value in system investment.
  • 4The Approval and Go-Ahead
    Following review and implementation of revisions if any, your organization selects an Aufderworld flexible terms option (no up front cost, capital investment, capital lease, operating lease, and rental). With approval in place we coordinate a project production schedule and select an activation launch date. Aufderworld can take care of all of the details. It’s that easy.
  • 5The Preparation and Orientation
    Aufderworld’s production team and support personnel correspond with client’s designated staff members to address expectations, installation process, transition process, and logistics. If applicable, orientation for residents regarding system features and benefits, processes, a comparison with a question and answer session is available. Residents/Patrons perceive value and improved quality of life.
  • 6The Build and Installation
    Aufderworld industry certified and trained technicians performing with state-of-the-art diagnostic/analytical tools install the system. Aufderworld provides experience and a profound history in comprehensive project management. Nothing is left to chance – no surprises.
  • 7The Training and Quality Control
    All performance standards, signal levels, video and audio quality are evaluated to assure manufacturer’s specifications are met. Technician follows with a brief and easy yet thorough training on the basics of system operation and maintenance with customer staff. Comfort with and confidence in the system is paramount.
  • 8The Support
    Aufderworld is driven by the success of its customers.  We understand the part a relentless ongoing system support structure plays. Exemplary business relationships are foremost in Aufderworld’s mission and first class support is rudimentary to achieving this goal.