Aufderworld Corp. – Bulk Cable TV Company

Aufderworld Corporation has been providing Audio/Visual and Satellite Solutions for the business community since 1982. Following DirecTV’s launch in 1994, Aufderworld earned “Premier Super Affiliate” status as a DirecTV agent. A distinction and status that remains today placing Aufderworld among an elite few nationally. Aufderworld’s performance has mirrored DirecTV’s #1 JD Powers ranking in customer satisfaction at the industry front line level by consistently leading in customer retention and maintaining the lowest churn rates.

Aufderworld Corporation emerged in 1982 from a garage warehouse, a basement office, a station wagon with a two wheel trailer, a $2,500.00 loan and an idea. Since Aufderworld’s inception it has experienced steady growth managed by the original executive leadership team. In 2003, Aufderworld created a subsidiary company, SkyPix LLC, offering Multi-Dwelling satellite solutions under a different business model. Skypix prospered and was sold by its parent company, Aufderworld Corporation in 2008.

Steady success and consistent growth for 30 years is a result of vertical structuring with a top level staff trained and industry certified to provide support and solutions to all client needs.

Aufderworld continues to be a design-build company offering consulting, sales, engineering, installation, service and support unparalleled in the industry.