Audio/visual systems, when installed correctly and conscientiously, can last quite a long time. This is especially true if you keep up with maintenance and regular servicing. Just like your car or your favorite pair of boots, if you take care of your tech, it will more than return the favor!

Hardiness aside, technology is also advancing at a far more rapid pace than ever before. According to a mid-2010s article from the Atlantic, “In the first decade of the patent office, the U.S. granted 229 patents—the same amount today’s America grants every 7.2 hours.” While patents aren’t the be-all-end-all indicator of technological advancement, they do speak to how significantly human invention and innovation can change markets—including the audio/visual sphere.

Is your A/V system behind the times? Below, we’ll discuss a few signs that this rapid advancement has left it in the dust.

You’re Experiencing Frequent Service Interruptions

Technology can certainly have its off days. But if you often worry about whether your sports bar TV will cooperate for the big game, or if you’re constantly throwing money at your hotel television systems to keep them in working order, it’s time for an upgrade.

Face it: repairs cost money. And while it’s great to get your money’s worth out of your audio/visual system while you can, there comes a point when paying for repairs becomes more costly than actually upgrading the system itself—and when worrying about those repairs simply becomes too much to bear.

Parts Are Hard to Find

Replacing cables once they wear out, for instance, comes part-and-parcel with maintaining a flourishing audio/visual system. But if that system’s components are falling out of fashion, finding the bits and bobs you’ll need for maintenance will become more difficult, not to mention costly.

More pertinently, it speaks to the timeliness of the system as a whole. Parts could be scarce because your system isn’t as popular as it used to be, or because there are new, better systems out there that are getting the spotlight—both signs that you need an upgrade.

You Lack the A/V Tech to Give Your Guests the Experience They Expect

Modern customers expect bigger and better things, as far as tech is concerned. If you find that other businesses of your caliber have audio/visual tech that you don’t, it’s smart business to catch up—or, if you work with Aufderworld, to outshine them.

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