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What To Consider For Your Business’s Theater Design

A home theater is a great addition for a variety of businesses, such as hotels and resorts, multi-unit living facilities, and more. You should consult with an expert to get the best theater possible for your guests and residents.

Why You Should Invest In A Media Room For Your Apartment Building

Media rooms are a great addition to any apartment building or multi-residential property. They provide a variety of entertainment and community options, and many potential residents will be encouraged to sign a lease with an amenity like that.

How Aufderworld Can Build You A System Without Pro:Idiom

Many areas and service providers require hospitality businesses to use Pro:Idiom to protect their services. However, with DRE, you get the same services without Pro:Idiom.

Why You Should Invest in a Hearing Loop System at Your Senior Living Facility

Hearing loops are a great way to improve resident interaction and overall happiness. These easy-to-install systems are a great addition for any business.

Why Install a Video Wall in Your Bar or Restaurant?

Video walls are a great way to bring more traffic to your bar or restaurant and provide endless amounts of entertainment for your customers. By working with experts, you can easily program your video walls, which gives you the ability to advertise and attract a variety of potential customers.

Why You Should Install Video Walls For Your Office or Hospitality Service

A video walls is a great way to clearly display messages for your guests and employees at your commercial business. You can quickly and easily display a variety of pertinent information, such as events, company news, and more.

What is the Future of 4K TV?

In today’s world, 4K TVs are seen as a state-of-the-art, luxury piece of equipment. As technologies continue to advance, industry experts are expecting 4K-quality signals to become commonplace, as more expensive options push 4K TVs to be more affordable.

The Benefits of Premium Sports Packages For Your Restaurant or Hotel

By subscribing to premium sports packages and having them installed at your hospitality or foodservice business, you have the potential to increase revenue while also providing customer satisfaction. Custom DIRECTV packages are a sure-fire way to bring customers in droves.

What is Pro:Idiom and Why is it Important?

Pro:Idiom is crucial to protect your digital TV signal. Many companies and channels now require that hospitality businesses encrypt their digital signals to prevent piracy. By consulting an expert team, you can protect your business’s digital content.

What Does Aufderworld’s MyChannel Do?

By investing in a custom channel specifically for your company’s needs, you can enhance customer and employee awareness and increase business revenue.

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