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Custom Guide Channel
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Impress hospital patients and their visitors as they can rely on TV as a welcomed diversion: They will be pleased with the variety of non offensive/G rated programming. Integrated customized channels can easily be included in the channel lineup. Such as:

  • An Information Channel that keeps patients up-to-date on facility events, schedules, gifts shop promotions, menus, the channel lineup, visiting hours, meetings and any other messages of interest.
  • A Continuing Education Channel for patients or staff (add new or incorporate existing content).
  • Foreign Language Channels that appeal to patients of different ethnic backgrounds.
  • An in house camera/video feed channel(s) that delivers live footage of chapel services, daycare, nurseries, gardens, recreation area etc.
  • A Relaxation Channel with restful video scenes and soothing music to improve restfulness for your patients. Ideal for hospice care or the critically ill.
  • A Movie Channel to present uninterrupted feature films (note: MPA: licensing required)
  • A Program Guide Channel for patients private labeled with hospital brand to view what’s on where and when in real time and in advance.
  • A specialized expended programming system for doctor lounges, lobbies, waiting areas and cafeterias.
  • Any of the above with the all new “DirecTV Residential Experience” (DRE) system. Provide the optimum in patient entertainment programming and high definition offerings. Contact us and learn if DRE can work for you.

Aufderworld hospital systems are appreciated by:

Hospital administrators for their positive impact on the bottom line and Bio med/ Plant operations personnel for their capabilities and ease of operation

“The variety of choices from DirecTV (Aufderworld) gives us an edge that is very important to us and our patients”
“…Both of our Systems run like a Swiss watch”
~ Manager of Healthcare at an Arizona Hospital   ~ Plant Operations Director for two Iowa Hospitals