Aufderworld Corp. – Private Cable TV Service

Products and services Aufderworld provides to create environments that entertain, inform, persuade, promote, impress, improve production, instruct and reduce cost:

Satellite Delivered Bulk Programming
Private Cable systems for prisons, dormitories, and billeting.

Satellite Delivered Business Programming
From news, sports, entertainment in the employee lounge to A/V communication systems in the board room, Aufderworld has your answer. Unique systems for post exchanges, private offices, cafeterias, activity rooms, exercise rooms, classrooms, waiting rooms, lobbies etc. that make business effectual and enjoyable.

Presentation Systems
Complete audio and video systems for conference rooms, board rooms, assembly halls, briefing rooms, etc…

Audio Systems
Sound reinforcement from foreground music to speech to anything in between.

Background Music
Industry top feature rich service with consistent volume, sound zoning, advance scheduling, chain manager (multiple location control), customized playlists, personalized playlists, auto playlists, promotions feature, special event scheduler, sort music by energy level, completely automated- there is nothing else like it!

Video System
Analog, standard definition, high definition, or a combination system displayed on televisions to make an impression. System can be efficiently controlled with unique proprietary technology for a fraction of the cost of most management systems in use today.

Paging Systems
For waiting rooms, restaurants, entire facilities, outdoor, or any place public address is required; Aufderworld has the solution to deliver your announcements.

Leading brands, sizes and styles targeted at the use and objectives desired.

  • Markets: Hospitality, Lodging, Signage, Presentation, Healthcare
  • Brands: Samsung, LG, Panasonic
  • Types: Front Projection, Plasma, LCD, LED, ProIdiom, High Definition

Digital Messaging/Signage Solutions
Paperless, bulletin board free communications for staff, guests, residents, employees and customers that makes messaging effective and fun.

Consulting-Design and Engineering
A broad base of technical know how, product knowledge, market understanding, and “out of the box” thinking produces applications and systems that will enthrall the partaker.